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St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA


Tree: King/Roy

Latitude: 47.1964093, Longitude: -70.1285245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belanger, Zepherin  ca. 1903St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I30961
2 Blanchet, Joseph Yvon Jacques  25 Apr 1938St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I13001
3 Boulanger, Hermenegilde  6 Feb 1831St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I40479
4 Boulet, Marie Antonia  7 May 1854St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I4247
5 Cloutier, Françoise  21 Aug 1925St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332375
6 Cloutier, Marie Claire  27 Jun 1920St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332656
7 Collin, Arthur  3 Oct 1868St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I39846
8 Dubé, Joseph Edgar Armand  13 Nov 1914St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I9729
9 Dubé, Joseph Zépherin Gérard  9 Jan 1908St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I9721
10 Duval, Eugène  23 Feb 1922St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I3434
11 Fournier, Alphonsine  Jan 1868St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6498
12 Gamache, Alexina  25 Dec 1893St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I20525
13 Gamache, Amedée Paul  23 Apr 1896St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332653
14 Gamache, Ange Denise  5 Mar 1914St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332293
15 Gamache, Anne Marie Isabelle  26 Jul 1925St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I24957
16 Gamache, Anonyme  14 May 1900St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I42741
17 Gamache, Anonyme  15 Oct 1907St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I42965
18 Gamache, Anonyme  11 May 1935St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43595
19 Gamache, Anonyme  14 Aug 1938St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43611
20 Gamache, Anonyme  23 May 1939St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43629
21 Gamache, Antoine Napoléon  30 May 1849St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334785
22 Gamache, Felix Ludovic  8 Oct 1902St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73336108
23 Gamache, George Patrice Alphonse Salusta  25 May 1901St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332343
24 Gamache, Henri Paul  14 Jul 1915St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18674
25 Gamache, Jean Baptiste Antoine  24 Feb 1910St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I7776
26 Gamache, Joseph Adelbert  17 Nov 1898St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I36753
27 Gamache, Joseph Aimé Armand  18 Sep 1922St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I30351
28 Gamache, Joseph Albert Roland  7 Aug 1912St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I23142
29 Gamache, Joseph Alphonse Edgar  16 Jan 1895St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I36708
30 Gamache, Joseph Amedée Odile  1 Nov 1893St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I35177
31 Gamache, Joseph Antoine Claude  14 Aug 1938St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I35371
32 Gamache, Joseph Antoine Raynald  12 Jul 1954St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73333494
33 Gamache, Joseph Armand Roger  3 Sep 1936St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I23706
34 Gamache, Joseph Arsène  16 Feb 1884St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6035
35 Gamache, Joseph Arsène  6 Jan 1902St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I12877
36 Gamache, Joseph Arthur Marcel  22 Aug 1940St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I16960
37 Gamache, Joseph Augustin  20 Dec 1906St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I29572
38 Gamache, Joseph Edgar Delphis  13 Sep 1915St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332287
39 Gamache, Joseph Edmond Gerard  27 Feb 1910St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I25298
40 Gamache, Joseph Edouard Adrien  15 Sep 1916St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18675
41 Gamache, Joseph Ernest  5 May 1916St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I13777
42 Gamache, Joseph Félix Benoit  24 Sep 1914St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ Canada I73335034
43 Gamache, Joseph Félix Onèsiphore  20 Jan 1881St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332693
44 Gamache, Joseph François Victor  22 Aug 1905St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332619
45 Gamache, Joseph François Xavier  14 Apr 1898St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73333854
46 Gamache, Joseph Gérard  21 Nov 1911St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I3412
47 Gamache, Joseph Henri William  9 Oct 1897St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I35186
48 Gamache, Joseph Hermenegilde Gilbert  4 Apr 1910St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73332296
49 Gamache, Joseph Horace  27 Feb 1882St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334596
50 Gamache, Joseph Leo  4 Dec 1918St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I15423

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avoine, Domthilde  16 Jul 1917St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I3407
2 Bélanger, Eugènie  30 Mar 1899St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6227
3 Caouette, Cléophas Jr.  14 Jun 1953St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I40487
4 Caouette, Joseph Ferdinand  28 Sep 1966St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73336875
5 Caouette, Josephine  12 Mar 1903St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43910
6 Caron, Marie Ange  12 Oct 2018St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I28690
7 Chrétien, Clara Aurore  15 Nov 1958St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6233
8 Coulombe, Aimé  12 Jun 1967St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I15667
9 D'Amours, Louise Angélique  24 Jun 1768St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18726
10 Dubé, Joseph Eugene Yvon  22 Aug 2016St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I16963
11 Dubé, Marie Anna  17 Oct 1919St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73335085
12 Duval, Esther  1 Sep 1880St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6058
13 Fortin, Marc  2 Dec 2014St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I46626
14 Fournier, Alphonsine  8 Jul 19491949St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6498
15 Fournier, Joseph Apollinaire Oscar  1 Feb 1957St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6506
16 Fournier, Joseph Bénoni  31 Dec 1810St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18725
17 Gamache, Anne Marie Blanche Isabelle  12 Jan 1992St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I10159
18 Gamache, Anonyme  14 May 1900St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I42741
19 Gamache, Anonyme  15 Oct 1907St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I42965
20 Gamache, Anonyme  11 May 1935St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43595
21 Gamache, Anonyme  14 Aug 1938St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43611
22 Gamache, Anonyme  23 May 1939St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I43629
23 Gamache, Clermont  22 Oct 1948St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I40436
24 Gamache, Edouard  12 May 1914St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I3406
25 Gamache, Eusilda  2 Sep 1892St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73333566
26 Gamache, Fernand  20 Nov 1992St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73333492
27 Gamache, Henri Paul  17 Oct 1916St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18674
28 Gamache, Hèrmenegilde  19 Jul 1953St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6232
29 Gamache, Joseph  7 Sep 1894St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6594
30 Gamache, Joseph  8 Aug 1907St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6040
31 Gamache, Joseph Alphonse Edgar  17 Jun 1897St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I36708
32 Gamache, Joseph Amedée Odile  22 Jan 1894St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I35177
33 Gamache, Joseph Armand Ovila  15 Jun 1906St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I37028
34 Gamache, Joseph Arsène  8 Nov 1906St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334597
35 Gamache, Joseph Arthur  21 Jun 1903St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I31106
36 Gamache, Joseph Arthur  6 Oct 1935St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6228
37 Gamache, Joseph Auguste Napoléon  18 Jul 1892St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334598
38 Gamache, Joseph Auguste Théophile  10 Aug 1965St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I36664
39 Gamache, Joseph Edmond Gerard  26 My 1988St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I25298
40 Gamache, Joseph Edouard Adrien  24 May 1920St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18675
41 Gamache, Joseph Jean Baptiste Adrien  11 Nov 1906St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I37075
42 Gamache, Joseph Louis Florian (Flavien)  10 May 1896St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6042
43 Gamache, Joseph Louis Marcel  5 Aug 1972St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I6057
44 Gamache, Joseph Lucien  22 Sep 1916St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I18676
45 Gamache, Joseph Lucien Maurice  6 Jul 1941St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I37764
46 Gamache, Joseph Raymond Clément  15 Sep 1961St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I11861
47 Gamache, Joseph Thomas  7 Aug 1897St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334571
48 Gamache, Joseph Wilfred  19 Oct 1918St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I73334569
49 Gamache, Joseph Wilfred Henri  30 Sep 1973St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I10162
50 Gamache, Jospeh Irenée  7 Oct 1908St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA I37192

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bélanger / Gamache  10 Nov 1925St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F3182
2 Belanger / Gamache  22 Jun 1927St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F15772
3 Boulanger / Gamache  16 Jan 1855St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F19328
4 Caron / Gamache  20 Jun 1921St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F8263
5 Fournier / Gamache  7 Jan 1919St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F3152
6 Gamache / Gendreau  15 May 1941St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F14039
7 Gamache / Lebel  1 Oct 1935St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F13511
8 Gamache / Nicole  15 Jul 1937St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F3174
9 Gamache / St. Amant  22 Jul 1929St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F5413
10 Gendron / Gamache  12 Oct 1940St-Damase, L'islet, PQ CANADA F8278
11 Goudreau / Gamache  12 Nov 1947St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F19303
12 LaCombe / Robin  17 May 1927St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F12884
13 LaForge / Gamache  6 Oct 1962St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F13488
14 Lord / Gamache  27 Jul 1938St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F2575
15 Mercier / Gamache  12 Jul 1915St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F14944
16 Michaud / Gamache  1916St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F19319
17 Pelletier / Gamache  20 Jun 1921St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F8264
18 St. Pierre / Gamache  2 Jul 1917St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F12638
19 Verreault / Gamache  21 Jun 1969St-Damase, L'Islet, PQ CANADA F13368

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