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Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts


Tree: King/Roy

Latitude: 42.2625932, Longitude: -71.8022934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Marshall Jordan  30 May 1925Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32267
2 Desautels, Kenneth Robert  ca. 1929Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340858
3 Erickson, Grace E.  4 Aug 1921Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340879
4 Fisher, Leon Irving  1 May 1931Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32914
5 Gamache, Alfred Ferdinand  8 Jun 1895Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I8002
6 Gamache, Annette  15 Sep 1930Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335719
7 Gamache, Arline L.  1952Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I18787
8 Gamache, Arthur Ovila  5 Jan 1918Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339065
9 Gamache, Barbara A.  19 Jul 1935Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340855
10 Gamache, Bruce Leo  4 Nov 1952Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I11672
11 Gamache, Constance A.  3 Dec 1920Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335718
12 Gamache, Doris J.  18 Jul 1928Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340726
13 Gamache, Doris Marie  9 Apr 1926Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I8188
14 Gamache, Eula E.  22 Feb 1898Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335749
15 Gamache, Ferdinand F.  8 Jun 1895Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I20321
16 Gamache, George Arthur  30 May 1898Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73337575
17 Gamache, Irene Ruth  15 Feb 1892Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335745
18 Gamache, Joan Marie  4 Nov 1938Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340857
19 Gamache, John Melvin  3 Jul 1922Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335715
20 Gamache, Jules Edmond  29 Sep 1926Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335716
21 Gamache, Leo H.  15 Sep 1904Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I7946
22 Gamache, Leo Robert  4 Jun 1941Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339446
23 Gamache, Louis Hormidas  15 Nov 1896Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335748
24 Gamache, Olive E.  16 May 2010Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335752
25 Gamache, RenÚ Joseph  5 Oct 1927Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339445
26 Gamache, Richard L.  5 Mar 1960Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I18786
27 Gamache, Robert Hermenegilde  19 Jan 1925Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I24490
28 Gamache, Ronald Leo  17 Aug 1934Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339447
29 Gamache, Ula M.  6 Sep 1890Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335744
30 Goyette, Olivine  ca. 1876Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335710
31 Hamrin, John Francis  10 Aug 1930Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340859
32 Hussey, Paul F.  12 Sep 1929Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73342539
33 Maffei, Anne Camille  16 Sep 1938Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I34293
34 Manseau, Doris (Dorothy) Pearl  26 Oct 1933Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73338795
35 Manzello, Edward A.  2 Sep 1931Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I6353
36 McCormick, Christine Anne  15 Jan 1958Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31226
37 Miller, John R.  ca. 1938Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I24028
38 Miller, Maureen A.  ca. 1960Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I15640
39 O'Brien, Edith Mae  19 Jun 1923Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339450
40 O'Brien, Francis Kenneth  19 Feb 1922Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I33121
41 O'Donnell, Grace Elizabeth  1 Aug 1915Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335708
42 Perron, Lisa E.  ca. 1968Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31928
43 Raymond, Albert R.  ca. 1938Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32932
44 Raymond, George p sR.  ca. 1940Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32934
45 Smith, Bessie L.  ca. 1916Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32094
46 Turner, Jeffrey G.  5 Nov 1966Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I23826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Desautels, Edgar  14 Jul 1972Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I33105
2 Brien-Desrochers, Grace Cora  17 Dec 1970Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339061
3 Burbank, Herbert Weston  2 Oct 1935Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I39794
4 Chapalonis, Anna Phyllis D.  28 Dec 2003Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335788
5 Desautels, Kenneth Robert  9 Nov 2014Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340858
6 Doiron, Leola Marie  30 Jul 2013Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31814
7 Erickson, Grace E.  15 Aug 2005Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340879
8 Gamache, Aime Hector  13 May 2003Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335921
9 Gamache, Albert Raymond Sr.  17 Jun 1972Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335701
10 Gamache, Albert Roland  17 Jun 1972Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I7574
11 Gamache, Alfred Frederick  28 Sep 1977Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335711
12 Gamache, Arlene Claire  ca. 1962Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73338567
13 Gamache, Arline L.  2 Oct 1970Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I18787
14 Gamache, Doris J.  13 Oct 2015Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340726
15 Gamache, Edith Diana  16 Sep 2000Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73331989
16 Gamache, Ernest Francis  14 Oct 1982Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339442
17 Gamache, Irene Mary  May 1982Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335922
18 Gamache, Jeanne d'Arc Claire  23 Apr 2004Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31869
19 Gamache, Joan Marie  16 Mar 2015Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340857
20 Gamache, Joseph Maurice Apollinaire  14 Jun 1971Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I6454
21 Gamache, Leon F.  28 Sep 1919Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I12686
22 Gamache, Lillian E.  21 May 2008Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73338009
23 Gamache, Marguerite M.  21 Nov 2020Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73336818
24 Gamache, Marie Anne Eleonore Alice  7 Mar 1978Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73337563
25 Gamache, Marie Blanche Alexandra  28 Dec 1999Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32043
26 Gamache, Maurice Henri  Jun 1971Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335643
27 Gamache, Norman Mercier  3 Sep 1985Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335703
28 Gamache, Ovila Pierre  18 Feb 1956Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339054
29 Gamache, Raoul Lorenzo  16 Dec 1995Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339062
30 Gamache, Richard L.  29 Dec 2016Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I18786
31 Gamache, Rita Viola  29 Jun 1927Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31874
32 Gamache, Robert William Paul  13 May 1993Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340725
33 Gamache, Thomas Joseph  7 Apr 1995Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340864
34 Goldberg, Marvin  17 Sep 2009Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I437
35 Landry, William J.  26 May 2010Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340742
36 Lavigne, Leo J.  24 Mar 2016Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I15341
37 Maffei, Anne Camille  7 Jun 1999Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I34293
38 Manzello, Edward A.  9 Dec 2018Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I6353
39 McGowan, Jeannette Ann  16 Jul 2021Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I42553
40 Melanson, Julia M.  27 Jan 2017Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I24537
41 Melanson, Julia M.  27 Jan 2017Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32982
42 Miller, John R.  10 Mar 2012Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I24028
43 O'Brien, Edith Mae  5 Mar 2002Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73339450
44 O'Donnell, Grace Elizabeth  12 May 2001Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73335708
45 Perron, Brenda Ann  28 May 2013Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32278
46 Perron, Lisa E.  27 Oct 1998Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I31928
47 Raymond, George p sR.  22 Dec 2006Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I32934
48 Storm, Lawrence P.  20 Dec 2013Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73342468
49 Sweet, Mildred A.  1 Jan 2012Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I73340755
50 Turner, Jeffrey G.  1 May 2013Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts I23826

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Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gamache / Desrosiers  1954Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F5398
2 Gamache / Durand  1948Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F8569
3 Gamache / Goyette  14 Jul 1894Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F3931
4 Gamache / Manseau  1 Nov 1950Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F5114
5 Gamache / O'Donnell  24 Jul 1943Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F3930
6 Manzello / Gamache  1953Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F2661
7 Shogan / Gamache  1948Worcester, WORCESTER, Massachusetts F6873

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