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Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts


Tree: King/Roy

Latitude: 41.7014912, Longitude: -71.1550451


Matches 51 to 100 of 188

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Gamache, Emelia Juliette  1 Sep 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8005
52 Gamache, Emma  26 Nov 1913Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I17412
53 Gamache, Ernest Frederick  15 Aug 1893Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6819
54 Gamache, Eugénie  Jul 1884Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I4922
55 Gamache, Eugènie Concorde  19 Mar 1895Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73334656
56 Gamache, Fernand  1 Apr 1905Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8007
57 Gamache, Flavie Irene  2 Nov 1905Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335754
58 Gamache, François de Borgia Rosario  ca. 21 Dec 1901Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42837
59 Gamache, François Flavius Ferdinand  17 May 1913Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335644
60 Gamache, George A.  25 Mar 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335673
61 Gamache, George Paul  26 Sep 1929Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73333714
62 Gamache, Gertrude  13 Jun 1910Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I33286
63 Gamache, Gertrude  4 Jan 1912Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339064
64 Gamache, Henri E.  ca 27 Dec 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42629
65 Gamache, Henri Joseph  ca. 1924Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73333710
66 Gamache, Herman (Hermenegilde) L.  22 Mar 1911Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73341093
67 Gamache, Hermenegilde Joseph Zotique  13 Apr 1894Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339060
68 Gamache, Hervé Joseph  4 May 1889Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6816
69 Gamache, Jeanne T.  3 Mar 1916Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335690
70 Gamache, Jeannette  ca. 1907Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335674
71 Gamache, Jerome P.  29 May 1952Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18339
72 Gamache, Joseph  17 Jun 1914Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73342765
73 Gamache, Joseph Adrien Conrad  1 Jan 1905Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340796
74 Gamache, Joseph Alexander Alphonse  6 May 1903Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337827
75 Gamache, Joseph Bartelemi Onèsime  24 Aug 1886Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340478
76 Gamache, Joseph F. A.  ca. 4 May 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42606
77 Gamache, Joseph George Herbert Sr.  11 Nov 1906Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73342764
78 Gamache, Joseph H F  30 Oct 1903Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8006
79 Gamache, Joseph H. L.  ca. 23 Apr 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42614
80 Gamache, Joseph Jean Baptiste  21 Jan 1896Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6908
81 Gamache, Joseph Roland S.  23 Sep 1929Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I7576
82 Gamache, Leo  ca. 1911Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337993
83 Gamache, Leo A.  27 Mar 1908Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73331887
84 Gamache, Léonie  ca. 5 Nov 1903Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42948
85 Gamache, Loretta A.  21 May 1908Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335755
86 Gamache, Louis Jean Marie  21 May 1878Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I4920
87 Gamache, Louis Leopold A.  4 Jan 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339057
88 Gamache, Louis Phillippe  8 May 1896Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73333705
89 Gamache, Lucie  ca. Aug 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42946
90 Gamache, Lumina  1 Apr 1892Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339059
91 Gamache, Marc J.  20 Aug 1950Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335653
92 Gamache, Marie  17 May 1888Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42967
93 Gamache, Marie Anne Margaret  4 May 1911Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335689
94 Gamache, Marie Blanche Florence Yvette  18 Apr 1912Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12470
95 Gamache, Marie Blanche Irene  18 Sep 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73332082
96 Gamache, Marie C. D.  3 Feb 1895Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42572
97 Gamache, Marie Celina  1 Aug 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I37819
98 Gamache, Marie Claire R.  29 Jan 1901Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73332084
99 Gamache, Marie E. B.  ca. 26 Jun 1905Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42940
100 Gamache, Marie Germaine Dolores  14 Oct 1909Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335611

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 Gamache, Henri  13 Apr 1940Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335636
52 Gamache, Henri E.  19 Jan 1899Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42629
53 Gamache, Hilaire Joseph  23 Jan 1962Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337998
54 Gamache, Jean Baptiste  26 Jun 1913Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73333703
55 Gamache, Jean-Baptiste  11 Jun 1932Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6805
56 Gamache, Jeanne T.  23 Mar 1999Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335690
57 Gamache, Joseph  2 Jan 1912Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335599
58 Gamache, Joseph  21 Aug 1942Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I9337
59 Gamache, Joseph Alderic  3 Jul 1913Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337988
60 Gamache, Joseph Alexander Alphonse  12 Jul 1903Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337827
61 Gamache, Joseph Alphonse Henri  13 Apr 1940Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335616
62 Gamache, Joseph F. A.  21 Jul 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42606
63 Gamache, Joseph François Xavier  30 Apr 1925Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6799
64 Gamache, Joseph H F  11 Nov 1906Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8006
65 Gamache, Joseph H. L.  21 May 1898Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42614
66 Gamache, Joseph Roland  3 Feb 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335753
67 Gamache, Joseph Théodore  26 Jan 1912Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73334269
68 Gamache, Joseph Wilfred Donat  23 Dec 1904Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340718
69 Gamache, Julien E.  13 Jun 1997Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335647
70 Gamache, Léonie  28 Mar 1906Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42948
71 Gamache, Lucie  23 Dec 1906Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42946
72 Gamache, Marie  24 Jul 1907Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42967
73 Gamache, Marie Alvine Louise  6 Dec 1890Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340378
74 Gamache, Marie Anna  14 Feb 2004Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340497
75 Gamache, Marie C. D.  9 Feb 1895Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42572
76 Gamache, Marie Celina  15 Aug 1902Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I37819
77 Gamache, Marie Claire R.  2 Aug 1998Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73332084
78 Gamache, Marie E. B.  10 Aug 1905Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42940
79 Gamache, Marie Louise Josephine  ca. 1930Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335637
80 Gamache, Marie Louise Rosa  27 Jun 1979Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73336235
81 Gamache, Marie Philomène  11 Jul 1928Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339044
82 Gamache, Marie Rose Blanche  12 May 1906Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I20889
83 Gamache, Marie S. Cecile  14 Feb 1908Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8009
84 Gamache, Mariette  26 Mar 2005Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335646
85 Gamache, Mercedes M.  2 Sep 1976Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335642
86 Gamache, Michel Israel  14 Apr 1901Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6759
87 Gamache, Oliva A.  25 Dec 1939Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73334184
88 Gamache, Oliver A.  6 Sep 1993Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73337996
89 Gamache, Pierre Joseph Lange  27 Apr 1957Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339045
90 Gamache, Pierre Zotique  16 Sep 1931Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73338914
91 Gamache, Raymond Calixte  15 Nov 1931Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335595
92 Gamache, Rhea  12 Aug 1904Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I11493
93 Gamache, Roma  30 Mar 1908Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42995
94 Gamache, Roméo  10 Jan 1899Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42624
95 Gamache, Rose Delima  2 Dec 1920Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73333697
96 Gamache, Serephine  15 Dec 1919Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I13108
97 Gamache, Stillborn  16 Oct 1900Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42739
98 Gamache, Stillborn  11 Aug 1909Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8010
99 Gamache, Theodule  24 Jun 1897Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8003
100 Gamache, Théodule G.  26 Jun 1927Fall River, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6798

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