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Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Azen, Corinne Gloria  3 Mar 1927Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I3 Krause 
2 Bennett, Nathan Z.  10 Apr 1906Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I379 Krause 
3 Glazer, Sylvia  10 Aug 1909Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I201 Krause 
4 Handelsman, Ferne Beverly  17 Aug 1926Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1254 Krause 
5 Handelsman, Lucille  25 Mar 1930Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1262 Krause 
6 Hepps, Rose Ellen  22 Oct 1926Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I330 Krause 
7 Kaufmann, Karl Jacob  8 Jul 1889Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I969 Krause 
8 Kaufmann, Karl Jacob Jr.  ca. 1922Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I966 Krause 
9 Krause, Aileen Beth  24 Dec 1941Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I23 Krause 
10 Krause, Charlotte  13 May 1916Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I192 Krause 
11 Krause, Judy Fay  3 May 1940Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I25 Krause 
12 Lave, Beatrice Linda  19 Dec 1924Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I493 Krause 
13 Lawrence, Rose  ca. 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I244 Krause 
14 Lewin, Belle Freda  4 Feb 1911Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I24 Krause 
15 Pearle, Harry  19 Jul 1942Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I136 Krause 
16 Slotsky, Meyer Joshua  8 Mar 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I193 Krause 
17 Spahr, Edward Julius  29 Apr 1889Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I434 Krause 
18 Weiss, Lee Elliot  9 Aug 1950Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I33 Krause 
19 Wintrob, Sherman D.  28 Mar 1926Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1263 Krause 


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alta  11 Jul 1958Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I466 Krause 
2 Borenstein, Fran  16 Jan 2001Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I128 Krause 
3 (Feldman) Lemevetsky, Sophie  25 Mar 1976Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I155 Krause 
4 Bennett, Benjamin  14 Nov 1917Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1024 Krause 
5 Bennett, Louis Mayer  30 Jan 1959Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1027 Krause 
6 Cheistwer, Adolfo  12 Jan 2006Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I497 Krause 
7 Claitman, Ruth  10 Aug 1973Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1081 Krause 
8 Cousin, Anne May  3 Feb 2001Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I183 Krause 
9 Davis, Simon  6 Jan 1977Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1150 Krause 
10 Farkas, Regina  23 Feb 1997Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I85 Krause 
11 Frankel, Isaac  28 Sep 1926Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I559 Krause 
12 Friedman, Mathilda  28 Apr 1970Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1034 Krause 
13 Glazer, Lena  22 Mar 1946Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1359 Krause 
14 Glazer, Sylvia  5 Mar 2003Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I201 Krause 
15 Gross DVM, Irwin  23 Aug 2011Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I323 Krause 
16 Handelsman, Margaret  15 Aug 1946Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I123 Krause 
17 Handelsman, Rose  13 Sep 1967Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I947 Krause 
18 Harr, Bernard  15 Feb 1955Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1040 Krause 
19 Harris, Frommie  4 Jan 2009Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I535 Krause 
20 Hoffman, William  11 Aug 1985Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I130 Krause 
21 Klein, Fannie  30 Jun 1955Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I188 Krause 
22 Klein, Gizella  25 Jul, 1974Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I8 Krause 
23 Krause, Daniel Esq.  20 Mar 1995Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I11 Krause 
24 Krause, David Henry  6 Sep 1968Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I17 Krause 
25 Krause, Edgar  18 Nov 2004Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I124 Krause 
26 Krause, Gilbert  15 Apr 2007Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I125 Krause 
27 Krause, Rita Jean  5 Aug 2018Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I126 Krause 
28 Krause, Ruth  8 Feb 1968Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I189 Krause 
29 Krause, Samuel Manuel  20 Jan, 1976Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I7 Krause 
30 Krause, Seymoure  3 Nov 2015Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1 Krause 
31 Krell, Aaron  26 Aug 1955Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I956 Krause 
32 Krell, Oliver  8 Oct 1978Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1240 Krause 
33 Lave, Beatrice Linda  23 Dec 2007Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I493 Krause 
34 Lave, Harry Samuel  23 Jul 1953Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1033 Krause 
35 Monheim, Dora  8 Mar 1922Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I554 Krause 
36 Pirchesky, Marvin S.  13 Dec 1997Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1334 Krause 
37 Pirchesky, Robert  16 Jan 2004Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I182 Krause 
38 Rosen, Sadie  4 Nov 1973Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I1052 Krause 
39 Spahr, Edward Joseph  11 Mar 2001Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I432 Krause 
40 Stern, Dorothy  4 May 1969Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I76 Krause 
41 Stern, Leonard  24 Dec 1995Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I79 Krause 
42 Stern, Maurice Louis  22 Sep 1973Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I75 Krause 
43 Tevelin, Bertha  21 Feb 1973Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I22 Krause 
44 Weinberger, Helen  19 Apr 1958Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I946 Krause 
45 Weinberger, Max  20 Dec 1917Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I939 Krause 
46 Weinstein, Earl  13 Nov 2006Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I688 Krause 
47 Weiss, Bette  11 Jan 2011Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I680 Krause 
48 Weiss, Sabina  3 Nov 2009Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I678 Krause 
49 Weiss, Sylvia  13 Dec 2004Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania I686 Krause 
50 Zeidman, Leo  16 Nov 1966Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania I217 Krause 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Sakolsky  Nov 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F141 Krause 
2 Friedman / Klein  31 Jan 1911Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F96 Krause 
3 Gross DVM / Schwartz  12 Sep 1942Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F124 Krause 
4 Hersh / Stern  26 Jan 1936Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F168 Krause 
5 Hoffman / Krause  1946Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F43 Krause 
6 Krell / Weill  19 Mar 1955Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F485 Krause 
7 Monheim / Goldfarb  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F206 Krause 
8 Pirchesky / Caplin  22 Dec 1949Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F523 Krause 
9 Pirchesky / Cousin  20 Jun 1939Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F70 Krause 
10 Schwartz / Horovitz  Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F309 Krause 
11 Stearns / Monheim  9 Jun 1925Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F217 Krause 
12 Stern / Rubin  28 Jul 1926Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania F170 Krause 
13 Weinstein / Claitman  22 May 1924Pittsburgh, ALLEGHENY, Pennsylvania F413 Krause 

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