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Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 46.6020711, Longitude: -120.5058987


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benoit, Helen A.  7 Jan 1910Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19196 King/Roy 
2 Chartier, Vern  11 Jun 1920Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I11552 King/Roy 
3 Chartier, Wade F.  20 Dec 1921Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I11553 King/Roy 
4 Deccio, Eugene Louis  1 Jan 1926Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I16524 King/Roy 
5 Gamache, Aaron Michael  30 Jan 1975Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73342584 King/Roy 
6 Gamache, Cecilia A.  3 Jun 1916Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336154 King/Roy 
7 Gamache, Donna Mae  19 Aug 1932Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336073 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Gerald Lee  2 Nov 1934Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73339898 King/Roy 
9 Hanses, Leonard John  5 Apr 1933Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73339922 King/Roy 
10 John, David William Jr  9 Sep 1921Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I21014 King/Roy 
11 Ley, Leone Velida  6 Nov 1919Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336193 King/Roy 
12 Patnode, Bernard  4 Oct 1933Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73339952 King/Roy 
13 Paul, Betty L.  29 May 1929Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I7828 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gertrude  1 Jun 1977Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336187 King/Roy 
2 Ayotte, Judith Elise  1933Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73334796 King/Roy 
3 Benoit, Frederick Lambert  26 Apr 1978Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19197 King/Roy 
4 Chartier, Wade F.  13 May 2011Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I11553 King/Roy 
5 Chartier, Zepherin A.  Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73334862 King/Roy 
6 Chebroux dit LaTendresse, Marie Cezarine  30 Apr 1950Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336061 King/Roy 
7 Deccio, Eugene Louis  1 Apr 2014Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I16524 King/Roy 
8 Disselbert, Vivien Clara  5 Apr 1997Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336071 King/Roy 
9 Faucher, Donald Peter  17 Jun 2016Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73342620 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, Aaron Michael  16 Sep 2015Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73342584 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Amos Thomas  21 Oct 1997Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336140 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Cynthia Ann  5 Nov 1990Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I12652 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Emma Melinda  20 Feb 1968Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336126 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Euclid William  11 Aug 2000Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336181 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Francis Joseph  7 Apr 1972Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336063 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Jeffrey Joseph  22 Nov 2008Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336180 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Joseph Edward  18 Jan 1957Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336060 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Marguerite  12 Dec 1952Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336128 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Octavie  25 Jul 1990Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336062 King/Roy 
20 Gamache, Rose  9 Jan 1986Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336065 King/Roy 
21 Gamache, Théophile Joseph  14 Oct 1982Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336064 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, Virginie E.  13 Jul 1991Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336066 King/Roy 
23 Gamache, William Joseph M.  16 Jan 1970Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336132 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, Jr., William Joseph  Oct 1985Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336163 King/Roy 
25 Heiser, Anna kathryn  26 Aug 1979Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19198 King/Roy 
26 Hull, Albert Russell  7 Nov 2016Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I20498 King/Roy 
27 Langevin, Marie Lucille  15 Jun 1984Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336162 King/Roy 
28 Langevin, Raoul  19 Jul 1951Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I17209 King/Roy 
29 Ley, Leone Velida  9 Jan 2008Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336193 King/Roy 
30 Litzenberg, Elsie Marie  25 Mar 2017Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336146 King/Roy 
31 Martin, Idella Marie  6 Aug 2015Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I16523 King/Roy 
32 Niquidet, Madeleine  19 May 1996Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I16398 King/Roy 
33 Regimbal, Mildred Mary  9 Apr 2012Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336148 King/Roy 
34 Riel, Agnes Marie  27 May 1990Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19193 King/Roy 
35 Riel, Delia Marie  19 Jan 1992Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19189 King/Roy 
36 Riel, James Myron  29 Dec 1999Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19199 King/Roy 
37 Riel, William Arthur  23 May 1987Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I19200 King/Roy 
38 Sauve, Wilfred Fabien  Feb 1958Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington I73336133 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cavin / Gamache  21 Aug 1939Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4117 King/Roy 
2 Daudelin / Gamache  1932Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4130 King/Roy 
3 Gamache / Béchard  26 Jan 1938Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4116 King/Roy 
4 Gamache / Brulotte  30 Oct 1934Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4131 King/Roy 
5 Gamache / Champoux  9 Jun 1909Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4112 King/Roy 
6 Gamache / Disselbert  20 Jan 1931Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4073 King/Roy 
7 Gamache / Houle  1 Jul 1915Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4114 King/Roy 
8 Gamache / Langevin  14 Nov 1921Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4118 King/Roy 
9 Gamache / Ley  10 Jan 1939Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4132 King/Roy 
10 Gamache / Litzenberg  30 Jan 1941Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4108 King/Roy 
11 Gamache / Patenaude  7 Apr 1931Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4075 King/Roy 
12 Gamache / Regimbal  21 Jan 1942Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4110 King/Roy 
13 Gooler / Scott  17 Aug 1925Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F5821 King/Roy 
14 Jongewaard / Gamache  12 Jun 1924Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F5818 King/Roy 
15 Labree / Gamache  1934Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4115 King/Roy 
16 Patnode / Gamache  1940Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4129 King/Roy 
17 Riel / Gamache  25 Feb 1900Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4103 King/Roy 
18 Sauve / Gamache  10 Jul 1899Yakima, YAKIMA, Washington F4102 King/Roy 

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