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Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 42.9956397, Longitude: -71.4547891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gamache, Elaine Constance  Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6358 King/Roy 
2 Gamache, Joseph Christopher  26 Jun 1872Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I19059 King/Roy 
3 Boudreau, Emma  8 Apr 1873Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73341895 King/Roy 
4 Gamache, Edouard  ca. 1876Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7160 King/Roy 
5 Marcoux, Marie Anna  1876Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7164 King/Roy 
6 Gamache, Résine  1 Dec 1878Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18923 King/Roy 
7 Gamache, Joseph Augustin  28 Aug 1881Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331963 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Rozina  6 Mar 1882Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332848 King/Roy 
9 Gamache, Pierre Calixte  18 Jun 1883Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7034 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, William Alphonse  10 Jul 1883Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7015 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Joseph  ca. 1884Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331965 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Albina  26 Dec 1885Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332849 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Marie Louise Alma  12 Apr 1886Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331966 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Marie Alice  25 Jan 1887Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331938 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Hormidas Joseph  13 Mar 1888Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332850 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Rosario  20 May 1888Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331940 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Willibert B.  20 May 1888Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331939 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Stillborn  13May 1889Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18497 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Graciosa V.  20 Jul 1889Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I12706 King/Roy 
20 Baribeau, Marie Corinne  ca. 1890Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17222 King/Roy 
21 Gamache, Joseph Mexlan (Max)  8 Aug 1890Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331941 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, Marie Athala Rosanna  8 Oct 1892Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7047 King/Roy 
23 Gamache, Unknown  26 May 1893Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7036 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, Alfred Joseph Cyriac  12 Jan 1897Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73339035 King/Roy 
25 Gamache, Joseph Alfred Cyriac  12 Jan 1897Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332853 King/Roy 
26 Gamache, George Joseph Zepherin  5 Nov 1897Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331969 King/Roy 
27 Gamache, Joseph Alphonse E. L.  3 Dec 1897Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18477 King/Roy 
28 Gamache, Arthur Joseph  29 Jan 1899Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7020 King/Roy 
29 Gamache, Yvonne  8 Sep 1900Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7021 King/Roy 
30 Brent, Walter A.  ca. 1903Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I14699 King/Roy 
31 Bournival, Adeline H.  ca. 1906Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I12703 King/Roy 
32 Gamache, Madolina  17 Jun 1906Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18911 King/Roy 
33 Gamache, Rose Alma Delima  25 Jun 1908Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73341448 King/Roy 
34 Gamache, Joseph Cyrille Roland  10 Aug 1910Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332858 King/Roy 
35 Heon, Jeannette Mary  28 Mar 1912Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17232 King/Roy 
36 Raymond, Martha Candide  17 May 1912Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I15625 King/Roy 
37 Gamache, Napoleon J A  15 Apr 1913Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7067 King/Roy 
38 Martel, Yvonne H.  29 Mar 1914Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7073 King/Roy 
39 Gamache, Roger L.  20 Apr 1914Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7050 King/Roy 
40 Deshaies, Marianne  2 Jun 1914Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332863 King/Roy 
41 LeMire, Joseph Ludovic Osias  17 Aug 1914Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17219 King/Roy 
42 Bissonette, Marie Jeannette W.  10 Mar 1915Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73335039 King/Roy 
43 Gamache, Alice  11 Nov 1915Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332862 King/Roy 
44 LeMire, Camile  ca. 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17245 King/Roy 
45 Heon, Marcel George  22 May 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17226 King/Roy 
46 Gamache, Adrien Alphonse  24 Aug 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7052 King/Roy 
47 Gamache, Mary L. Emilienne  25 Apr 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73339040 King/Roy 
48 Gamache, Ghislaine Gabrielle  28 May 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6460 King/Roy 
49 Gamache, Maurice Joseph  16 Mar 1920Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I20096 King/Roy 
50 Gamache, Yvette  5 Apr 1920Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6466 King/Roy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gamache, Résine  12 Jan 1879Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18923 King/Roy 
2 Gamache, Alice (Élise)  10 Nov 1883Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7155 King/Roy 
3 Moreau, Marie Cédulie  14 Sep 1895Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73336105 King/Roy 
4 Gamache, Louis Georges Antoine  11 Dec 1895Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73334502 King/Roy 
5 Gamache, Cyriac Joseph  24 Jul 1901Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I18921 King/Roy 
6 Gamache, Aubin Hector  26 Jan 1905Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73337531 King/Roy 
7 Gamache, Rose Anna  29 Jun 1906Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7029 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Jean-Baptiste  25 Oct 1908Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7004 King/Roy 
9 Gamache, Marie Ida  11 Jul 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331971 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, Pierre Calixte  12 Dec 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7008 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Alice  27 Feb 1917Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332862 King/Roy 
12 LeMire, Joseph Narcisse  13 Jan 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17016 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Giorgianna  1 May 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I9750 King/Roy 
14 LeMire, Camile  14 Oct 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17245 King/Roy 
15 Dion dite Dumontier, Marie Zoe Bissonette  16 Feb 1920Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7005 King/Roy 
16 Heon, Rose Blanche  16 Jul 1922Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17241 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Joseph Louis Deodat Theodule  6 Jun 1926Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7007 King/Roy 
18 Savard, Simeon  1 Dec 1926Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73341896 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Graciosa V.  30 May 1927Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I12706 King/Roy 
20 Rheaume, Élisabeth  27 Dec 1931Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332855 King/Roy 
21 Boudreau, Emma  6 Jun 1942Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73341895 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, Victoria  13 Jun 1943Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I15928 King/Roy 
23 LaCourcé, Malvina  17 Dec 1947Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7030 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, Philias Joseph  12 Jun 1957Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7046 King/Roy 
25 Gamache, Rosaire Laurier  1 Jul 1965Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332861 King/Roy 
26 Gamache, Hormidas Joseph  Oct 1968Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73332850 King/Roy 
27 Gamache, Joseph Adelard  17 Jun 1973Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I5722 King/Roy 
28 Gamache, Jean Simon  Oct 1973Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6456 King/Roy 
29 Pettigrew, Rose Anna  Jun 1974Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6453 King/Roy 
30 Gamache, Jeanne  Oct 1974Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7102 King/Roy 
31 Beland, Jeanne Yvonne  4 Oct 1974Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331934 King/Roy 
32 Gamache, Joseph Apollinaire Simon  13 Nov 1974Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6452 King/Roy 
33 Gamache, Alcide Joseph  Oct 1977Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7042 King/Roy 
34 Dupont, Jr., Adelard  7 Apr 1979Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6465 King/Roy 
35 Sasseville, Bella M.  May 1979Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6901 King/Roy 
36 Gamache, Rosaire E.  6 Jun 1982Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I9501 King/Roy 
37 Veilleux, Marie Adeline  17 Jun 1983Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I5723 King/Roy 
38 Ricard, Jacqueline T.  Sep 1985Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I9506 King/Roy 
39 Gamache, Lucien Maurice  3 May 1988Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73335391 King/Roy 
40 Gamache, Gaston E.  24 Feb 1992Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6472 King/Roy 
41 Gamache, Willibert Harvey  18 Apr 1993Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73331983 King/Roy 
42 Gamache, Roger Raymond  26 Jul 1995Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6476 King/Roy 
43 Ricker, Wilfred  21 Jul 1998Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73333923 King/Roy 
44 Gamache, Roger  31 Jul 1998Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7071 King/Roy 
45 Gamache, Roger J.  11 May 2002Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I17382 King/Roy 
46 Gamache, Roger L.  25 Oct 2003Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7050 King/Roy 
47 Gamache, Napoleon J A  31 Oct 2004Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I7067 King/Roy 
48 Gamache, Laura Lee  4 Jan 2005Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I20825 King/Roy 
49 Gamache, Marie Marguerite Cécile  28 Nov 2005Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I73334461 King/Roy 
50 Gamache, Bertrand Jules  2 Jan 2008Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire I6468 King/Roy 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gamache / Thiboutotte  30 Jun 1879Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2236 King/Roy 
2 Gamache / Messier  12 Sep 1880Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2409 King/Roy 
3 Gamache / Pressé  14 Nov 1880Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2227 King/Roy 
4 Béliveau / Gamache  11 Jun 1882Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F11039 King/Roy 
5 Grenier / Gamache  20 Jul 1885Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2411 King/Roy 
6 Gamache / Beaudet  2 Mar 1886Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2408 King/Roy 
7 Gamache / Rocher  2 Sep 1889Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2232 King/Roy 
8 Gamache / LaCourcé  25 Aug 1901Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2234 King/Roy 
9 Gamache / Rousseau  19 Apr 1902Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2410 King/Roy 
10 Gamache / Marcoux  23 Jun 1902Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2285 King/Roy 
11 Gamache / Michaud  25 Jun 1906Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2263 King/Roy 
12 Gagne / Gamache  8 Apr 1907Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F9423 King/Roy 
13 Gamache / Robert  25 Nov 1907Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F3597 King/Roy 
14 Tetreault / Gamache  23 Nov 1908Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2412 King/Roy 
15 Gamache / Du Grenier  15 Dec 1908Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2420 King/Roy 
16 Vincent / Gamache  19 Jun 1911Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2421 King/Roy 
17 Gamache / Chartier  21 Aug 1911Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2426 King/Roy 
18 Gagnon / Gamache  17 Oct 1911Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F8672 King/Roy 
19 Gamache / Leblanc  25 Jun 1912Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2246 King/Roy 
20 Gamache / Gamache  26 May 1913Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2237 King/Roy 
21 Savard / Boudreau  5 Nov 1913Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F6362 King/Roy 
22 Gamache / Charland  3 Aug 1914Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2424 King/Roy 
23 Gamache / Girard  19 Apr 1915Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2220 King/Roy 
24 Gamache / Babin  30 Aug 1916Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2415 King/Roy 
25 Gamache / Lajoie  30 May 1917Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F5213 King/Roy 
26 Gamache / Girard  18 Jun 1917Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2414 King/Roy 
27 Gamache / Vaillancourt (Croteau)   20 Apr 1918Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F6622 King/Roy 
28 Heon / Gamache  28 Aug 1920Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F10390 King/Roy 
29 Gamache / LeClerc  6 Sep 1920Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2422 King/Roy 
30 Gamache / Martel  30 May 1923Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2243 King/Roy 
31 Gamache / Messier  11 Jun 1923Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2229 King/Roy 
32 McDonnell / Gamache  27 Jun 1923Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F8360 King/Roy 
33 Brent / Gamache  3 Jul 1923Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F9422 King/Roy 
34 Bilodeau / Gaudette  14 Aug 1923Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F10740 King/Roy 
35 Gamache / Vachon  26 May 1924Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2222 King/Roy 
36 Ricard / Gamache  15 Sep 1924Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F8686 King/Roy 
37 Gamache / Ouellette  11 Aug 1925Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F6925 King/Roy 
38 Moreau / LaRoche  27 Jun 1927Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F11124 King/Roy 
39 Deziel / Gamache  3 Oct 1927Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2262 King/Roy 
40 Moore / Gamache  14 Jun 1928Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2015 King/Roy 
41 Dupont, Jr. / Gamache  4 Jul 1933Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2041 King/Roy 
42 Gamache / Deshaies  28 Oct 1933Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2811 King/Roy 
43 Gamache / Bournival  5 May 1934Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F8669 King/Roy 
44 Hébert / Gamache  1 Sep 1934Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2813 King/Roy 
45 Gamache / Martel  25 Apr 1935Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2249 King/Roy 
46 Bussière / Gamache  28 Sep 1935Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2812 King/Roy 
47 Lavigne / Gamache  12 Oct 1935Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2185 King/Roy 
48 Gingras / Gamache  26 Oct 1935Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2184 King/Roy 
49 Gamache / Boufford  15 Sep 1936Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F3905 King/Roy 
50 Gamache / Gelinas  29 May 1937Manchester, HILLSBOROUGH, New Hampshire F2250 King/Roy 

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