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Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 47.1940924, Longitude: -88.4073392


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baril, Leo Russell  19 Apr 1904Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I930 King/Roy 
2 Baril, Lorraine  4 May 1919Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I109 King/Roy 
3 Baril, Roland  27 Jan 1908Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I931 King/Roy 
4 Barkell, Charlotte Amelia  1866Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I22014 King/Roy 
5 Barkell, Clarence W.  12 Dec 1897Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21866 King/Roy 
6 Barkell, Gordon G.  1 Jun 1929Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21902 King/Roy 
7 Barkell, Gordon Herbert  24 Jun 1909Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21884 King/Roy 
8 Barkell, Harold  26 Apr 1923Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21898 King/Roy 
9 Barkell, Howard  9Aug 1914Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21895 King/Roy 
10 Barkell, James J.  29 Apr 1916Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21896 King/Roy 
11 Barkell, James John Jr  25 Oct 1895Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21865 King/Roy 
12 Barkell, Mildred Gertrude  6 Jan 1892Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I921 King/Roy 
13 Barkell, Myrtle Mae  15 Oct 1885Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21862 King/Roy 
14 Barkell, Ransom  15 Mar 1907Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21882 King/Roy 
15 Barkell, Violet A.  19 Dec 1900Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21872 King/Roy 
16 Barkell, Walter  25 Aug 1888Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21863 King/Roy 
17 Barkell, William  1932Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21904 King/Roy 
18 Beaudoin, Louise  13 Apr 1906Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21784 King/Roy 
19 Boudreau, Delvina Eva  12 Jan 1882Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I20072 King/Roy 
20 Crouch, Gerald  ca. 1925Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21763 King/Roy 
21 Crouch, Leonard Virgil  2 Nov 1927Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21764 King/Roy 
22 Crouch, Ronald  ca. 1932Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21766 King/Roy 
23 Duquette, Marie Antoinette  13 Jun 1906Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I461 King/Roy 
24 Forget dit Latour, Charles August  6 May 1884Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I2386 King/Roy 
25 Forget dit Latour, Edmond  9 Apr 1892Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I2389 King/Roy 
26 Forget dit Latour, Eva  Feb 1887Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I2390 King/Roy 
27 Forget dit Latour, Henry Joseph  30 Mar 1890Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan I2387 King/Roy 
28 Fournier, Mary  ca. 1885Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21760 King/Roy 
29 Gamache, Janet Ann  11 Apr 1939Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I73339737 King/Roy 
30 Gamache, Marie A.  ca. 1926Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I6172 King/Roy 
31 Gamache, Olivier  15 Dec 1885Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I6157 King/Roy 
32 Green, Cecelia Valisu  5 Nov 1890Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11125 King/Roy 
33 Harris, Charles Lawrence  9 May 1899Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11107 King/Roy 
34 Harris, Clement B.  4 Nov 1900Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11143 King/Roy 
35 Harris, Edward John  17 Sep 1904Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11146 King/Roy 
36 Harris, Francis J.  14 Mar 1902Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11144 King/Roy 
37 Harris, Theodore J.  31 Oct 1905Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11148 King/Roy 
38 Harris, Thomas R.  8 Feb 1903Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11145 King/Roy 
39 Harvey, Della M.  7 Dec 1904Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I6170 King/Roy 
40 MacDonald, Baby  12 Jan 1903Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16870 King/Roy 
41 MacDonald, Yolande  ca. 1908Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16841 King/Roy 
42 Normand, Dorothy Evelyn  1 Jun 1925Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16847 King/Roy 
43 Normand, Ida  ca. 1908Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21752 King/Roy 
44 Smith, G. Walton  ca. 1906Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21753 King/Roy 
45 Wareham, Mabel Florence  2 May 1900Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8386 King/Roy 
46 Wareham, Morton Howard  28 Apr 1917Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I2885 King/Roy 
47 Wareham, Theora Arleta  8 Feb 1898Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8374 King/Roy 
48 Wareham, William Vivian  17 Jun 1895Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8366 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asselin (Iselin), Marie Victorine  9 Feb 1909Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I3223 King/Roy 
2 Barkell, Charlotte Amelia  1931Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I22014 King/Roy 
3 Barkell, James John  21 Sep 1931Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21860 King/Roy 
4 Barkell, William  23 Nov 1998Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21904 King/Roy 
5 Beaudoin, Clara Cora  4 Feb 1965Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21761 King/Roy 
6 Crouch, Clark Danforth  22 Feb 1985Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21782 King/Roy 
7 Crouch, Darrell Leslie  6 Jun 1978Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21830 King/Roy 
8 Crouch, Leonard Virgil  24 Feb 2001Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21764 King/Roy 
9 Crouch, Virgil Leslie  22 Apr 1977Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21762 King/Roy 
10 DuChemin, Nora Elizabeth  20 Apr 1918Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I3033 King/Roy 
11 Dumas, Hortense  26 May 1931Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I6156 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Christine Marie  31 May 2018Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8215 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Olivier  26 May 1929Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I6153 King/Roy 
14 Green, Cecelia Valisu  28 Nov 1890Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11125 King/Roy 
15 Greene, Mary Elizabeth  13 Jul 1961Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I3216 King/Roy 
16 Greene, William H.  1 Apr 1923Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I3263 King/Roy 
17 Hodor, Anna  1969Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21894 King/Roy 
18 Holley, Margaret  1883Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I11153 King/Roy 
19 MacDonald, Baby  12 Jan 1903Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16870 King/Roy 
20 Normand, Dorothy Evelyn  7 May 2002Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16847 King/Roy 
21 Normand, Joseph Stanislas  12 Jan 1946Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21748 King/Roy 
22 Normand, Peter J.  Nov 1983Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21745 King/Roy 
23 Provost, Louise  1 May 2011Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I1057 King/Roy 
24 Rule, Richard W.  4 May 1980Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I16840 King/Roy 
25 Wareham, Mabel Florence  6 May 1900Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8386 King/Roy 
26 Wareham, Matthew  13 Jan 1916Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8375 King/Roy 
27 Wareham, Willa Belle  24 Oct 1899Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8387 King/Roy 
28 Wareham, William  5 Apr 1903Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I8384 King/Roy 
29 Zubiena, Lucille Theresa  15 Mar 1995Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan I21765 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baril / Pepin  1902Lake Linden, Houghton, Michigan F178 King/Roy 
2 Barkell / Miller  17 Nov 1883Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F12166 King/Roy 
3 Boudreau / Greene  20 Jun 1899Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F978 King/Roy 
4 Cadwell / Bond  21 May 1914Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F12211 King/Roy 
5 Campeau / Arsenault  23 Nov 1915Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F938 King/Roy 
6 Crouch / Beaudoin  9 Oct 1922Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F8656 King/Roy 
7 Crouch / Beaudoin  2 Nov 1929Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F10959 King/Roy 
8 Crouch / Normand  23 Aug 1947Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F10273 King/Roy 
9 Gagnon / Boudreau  2 Sep 1902Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F11500 King/Roy 
10 Gamache / Godley  30 Apr 1927Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F5538 King/Roy 
11 Gamache / Monette  30 Jul 1912Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F1929 King/Roy 
12 Gamache / Plante  22 Aug 1922Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F1932 King/Roy 
13 Gingras / Boudreau  26 Nov 1900Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F11503 King/Roy 
14 Guilbault / Gamache  5 Jun 1948Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F8614 King/Roy 
15 Hamilton / Barkell  18 Oct 1904Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F12179 King/Roy 
16 King / Baril  13 Jul 1940Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F10267 King/Roy 
17 Massie / Fournier  18 Aug 1903Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F8570 King/Roy 
18 Normand / Godin  19 Jul 1898Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F12153 King/Roy 
19 Normand / Massie  21 Feb 1922Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F12152 King/Roy 
20 Smith / Normand  11 Nov 1935Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F8289 King/Roy 
21 Wareham / Pascoe  28 Sep 1939Lake Linden, HOUGHTON, Michigan F860 King/Roy 

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