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Chicago, Cook, Illinois


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 41.8781136, Longitude: -87.6297982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Irving Herbert  26 Nov 1915Chicago, COOK, Illinois I576 Azen 
2 Bennett, Elijah Ruben  18 Oct 2000Chicago, COOK, Illinois I375 Krause 
3 Bennett, Lexie  18 Oct 2000Chicago, COOK, Illinois I376 Krause 
4 Borscha, Barbara Helen  18 Feb 1921Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13451 King/Roy 
5 Draeger, Bertha  29 Jun 1887Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339022 King/Roy 
6 Fox, John Russell  28 Jan 1889Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13601 King/Roy 
7 Gamache, Charmaine Joy  27 Nov 1944Chicago, COOK, Illinois I26366 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Elsine  21 May 1915Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13539 King/Roy 
9 Gamache, Eugene J.  21 Dec 1913Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13538 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, James Oliver  28 Oct 1886Chicago, COOK, Illinois I11919 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Joseph Ignatius (Girdie)  20 Aug 1882Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339017 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Margaret Mary  15 Jul 1931Chicago, COOK, Illinois I12056 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Richard Allen  18 Sep 1941Chicago, COOK, Illinois I12059 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Thelma Lee  1 Jul 1943Chicago, COOK, Illinois I11673 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Warren Walter  7 Apr 1913Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13525 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Jr., John Thomas  12 Jan 1936Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73338056 King/Roy 
17 Gamasche, Estelle Bernadette  31 Aug 1913Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339026 King/Roy 
18 Gamasche, Harry Henry  4 Jun 1886Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339018 King/Roy 
19 Geselbracht, Louise Dorothy  11 Apr 1894Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13602 King/Roy 
20 Greene, Francis  21 Apr 1871Chicago, COOK, Illinois I3560 King/Roy 
21 Hantover, Abraham  17 Sep 1904Chicago, COOK, Illinois I591 Azen 
22 Hantover, Bruce Arthur  6 Aug 1917Chicago, COOK, Illinois I330 Azen 
23 Hantover, Evelyn Rosebud  23 May 1911Chicago, COOK, Illinois I116 Azen 
24 Hantover, George Arthur  12 Nov 1911Chicago, COOK, Illinois I350 Azen 
25 Hantover, Grace Cecile  24 Aug 1919Chicago, COOK, Illinois I561 Azen 
26 Hantover, Leonard  31 May 1916Chicago, COOK, Illinois I579 Azen 
27 Hantover, Leslie Jerome  31 May 1916Chicago, COOK, Illinois I349 Azen 
28 Hantover, Louis  10 Aug 1884Chicago, Cook, Illinois I456 Azen 
29 Hantover, Marian L.  25 May 1919Chicago, COOK, Illinois I346 Azen 
30 Hantover, Ruth Gorgie  8 Jul 1920Chicago, COOK, Illinois I327 Azen 
31 Hantover, Solomon George  10 Sep 1890Chicago, COOK, Illinois I481 Azen 
32 Hodor, Anna  1891Chicago, COOK, Illinois I21894 King/Roy 
33 Janota, Alice  7 Jul 1900Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16502 King/Roy 
34 Janota, Augustina  1903Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16503 King/Roy 
35 Janota, Joseph  May 1877Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16501 King/Roy 
36 Kinzie, Alice Therese  29 May 1915Chicago, COOK, Illinois I14821 King/Roy 
37 Kozlowski, George  4 Sep 1912Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13532 King/Roy 
38 Kratky, Anna Rozana  2 Dec 1909Chicago, COOK, Illinois I5906 King/Roy 
39 Kratky, Female  13 Apr 1927Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16224 King/Roy 
40 Kratky, Frank Stepan  29 Sep 1906Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16220 King/Roy 
41 Kratky, George  20 Jul 1918Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16499 King/Roy 
42 Kratky, Helen Anna  19 Sep 1922Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16500 King/Roy 
43 Kratky, Joseph Otto  16 Aug 1913Chicago, COOK, Illinois I5901 King/Roy 
44 Kratky, Male  10 Jun 1924Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16225 King/Roy 
45 Kratky, Rose  26 Jan 1908Chicago, COOK, Illinois I5905 King/Roy 
46 Kratky, Sylvia Josefa  31 Dec 1911Chicago, COOK, Illinois I5907 King/Roy 
47 Lavin, Ronald C.  28 Jul 1937Chicago, COOK, Illinois I18559 King/Roy 
48 Leon, Dorothy  ca. 1912Chicago, COOK, Illinois I325 Azen 
49 Leon, Hannah  ca. 1904Chicago, COOK, Illinois I321 Azen 
50 Leon, Sarah  ca. 1905Chicago, COOK, Illinois I322 Azen 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lena  Feb 1974Chicago, Cook, Illinois I393 Azen 
2 Lila Mae  18 May 1987Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73336220 King/Roy 
3 Adamitz, Fannie  2 May 1948Chicago, COOK, Illinois I8992 King/Roy 
4 Azen, Dora  ca. 1952Chicago, COOK, Illinois I359 Azen 
5 Bennett, James Elmer  12 Aug 1937Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13546 King/Roy 
6 D'Arcy, Rose Anne  22 Nov 1930Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339010 King/Roy 
7 Fournier, Magloire  3 Jun 1918Chicago, COOK, Illinois I4116 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Charles E.  4 Jul 1974Chicago, COOK, Illinois I11271 King/Roy 
9 Gamache, Elsine  10 Apr 1916Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13539 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, Emelie Ophelia  12 Mar 1908Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339005 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Flora Catherine  3 May 1939Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73337712 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Helen Mary  28 May 1969Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73338052 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Joseph Charles  9 May 1922Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339009 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Joseph Ignatius (Girdie)  18 Nov 1948Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339017 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Louise Elsine  10 Apr 1916Chicago, COOK, Illinois I12612 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Marie Loretta  10 Sep 1947Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13543 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Norman J.  21 Aug 1926Chicago, COOK, Illinois I12611 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Olivier  3 Jun 1914Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73332178 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Olivier Emile  ca. 1906Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73338999 King/Roy 
20 Gamache, Philibert  18 May 1926Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339007 King/Roy 
21 Hantover, Abraham  19 Nov 1931Chicago, COOK, Illinois I591 Azen 
22 Hantover, Solomon George  26 Nov 1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois I481 Azen 
23 Hantover, William  27 Nov 1957Chicago, COOK, Illinois I478 Azen 
24 Hantover (Hantower), Leopold  20 Nov 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois I473 Azen 
25 Harris, Charles Lawrence  Aug 1923Chicago, COOK, Illinois I11107 King/Roy 
26 Janota, Joseph  17 Oct 1917Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16501 King/Roy 
27 Kratky, Anna Rozana  14 Sep 1970Chicago, COOK, Illinois I5906 King/Roy 
28 Kratky, Female  13 Apr 1927Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16224 King/Roy 
29 Kratky, Male  10 Jun 1924Chicago, COOK, Illinois I16225 King/Roy 
30 Krause, Herbert H.  21 Dec 1975Chicago, Cook, Illinois I47 Krause 
31 Marcic, Brigitta  Oct 1992Chicago, COOK, Illinois I21440 King/Roy 
32 Marcic, Ferdinand  14 Dec 1995Chicago, COOK, Illinois I21435 King/Roy 
33 Marcotte, Elizabeth  Dec 1940Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339746 King/Roy 
34 Margolis, Harry W.  27 Apr 1931Chicago, COOK, Illinois I461 Krause 
35 Martineau, Cornelia  Feb 1913Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13441 King/Roy 
36 Roberts, Henry R.  20 May 1947Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73339745 King/Roy 
37 Rosen, Samuel Edward  ca. 1952Chicago, Cook, Illinois I381 Azen 
38 Sampson, Ethel Ida  18 Mar 1936Chicago, Cook, Illinois I474 Azen 
39 Schiget, Henry  25 Mar 1969Chicago, Cook, Illinois I495 Azen 
40 Shadwell, Charles Walter  7 Nov 1962Chicago, COOK, Illinois I24728 King/Roy 
41 Shadwell, Fred Robert  16 Aug 1993Chicago, COOK, Illinois I24729 King/Roy 
42 Sohrauer, Jeannette  Aug 1983Chicago, Cook, Illinois I468 Azen 
43 Sohrauer, Joseph O.  1 Dec 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois I463 Azen 
44 Toutant, Ernest  1962Chicago, COOK, Illinois I73342503 King/Roy 
45 Vincent, Elsine  17 Feb 1907Chicago, COOK, Illinois I13540 King/Roy 
46 Vlašič, Stanko  5 Mar 2017Chicago, COOK, Illinois I21416 King/Roy 
47 Weiss, Morris  19 Jan 1986Chicago, COOK, Illinois I684 Krause 
48 Wurtlin, Camille  5 May 1952Chicago, COOK, Illinois I22002 King/Roy 
49 Youngheart, Stephanie  3 Sep 1903Chicago, COOK, Illinois I947 Azen 
50 Youngheart, Unknown  6 Jul 1908Chicago, COOK, Illinois I949 Azen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalized    Person ID   Tree 
1 Youngheart, Felix  5 Apr 1897Chicago, COOK, Illinois I942 Azen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Gamache  23 Apr 1919Chicago, COOK, Illinois F9003 King/Roy 
2 Bryant / Grimshaw  8 Nov 1910Chicago, COOK, Illinois F1843 King/Roy 
3 Francoeur / Gamache  24 Oct 1882Chicago, COOK, Illinois F10900 King/Roy 
4 Gamache / D'Arcy  29 Jul 1895Chicago, COOK, Illinois F5204 King/Roy 
5 Gamache / Damm  18 Oct 1944Chicago, COOK, Illinois F5011 King/Roy 
6 Gamache / Draeger  28 Jun 1904Chicago, COOK, Illinois F5207 King/Roy 
7 Gamache / Gagnon  1 Jun 1909Chicago, COOK, Illinois F9000 King/Roy 
8 Gamache / Otterstrom  13 May 1911Chicago, COOK, Illinois F8301 King/Roy 
9 Griesbach / Wisnesky  19 Nov 1900Chicago, COOK, Illinois F8892 King/Roy 
10 Hantover / Cohen  7 Jul 1914Chicago, COOK, Illinois F211 Azen 
11 Hantover / Gillis  19 Mar 1918Chicago, COOK, Illinois F219 Azen 
12 Hantover / Rife  30 Aug 1902Chicago, COOK, Illinois F116 Azen 
13 Heise / Wittenberg  7 Dec 1908Chicago, COOK, Illinois F9203 King/Roy 
14 Hormell / Sigal  2 Oct 1933Chicago, COOK, Illinois F208 Azen 
15 Kratky / Nyskocil  18 Mar 1918Chicago, COOK, Illinois F10142 King/Roy 
16 Kratky / Stadlman  10 Mar 1906Chicago, COOK, Illinois F10039 King/Roy 
17 Krause / Margolis  22 Aug 1941Chicago, COOK, Illinois F265 Krause 
18 Leon / Hantover  17 Aug 1902Chicago, COOK, Illinois F175 Azen 
19 Margolis / Luberman  6 Apr 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois F266 Krause 
20 Migalski / Gamache  30 Aug 1947Chicago, COOK, Illinois F4766 King/Roy 
21 Pooler / Gamache  8 Apr 1956Chicago, COOK, Illinois F4769 King/Roy 
22 Sohrauer / Morrissey  23 Aug 1902Chicago, COOK, Illinois F411 Azen 
23 Steward / Taylor  4 Oct 1955Chicago, COOK, Illinois F13303 King/Roy 
24 Vlašič / Pecharich  4 Jan 1957Chicago, COOK, Illinois F12031 King/Roy 
25 Youngheart / Lavine  1 Jul 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois F381 Azen 
26 Youngheart / Munvilz  13 Nov 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois F380 Azen 

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