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Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 50.2127700, Longitude: -5.2947749


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartle, James  13 Nov 1720Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22038 King/Roy 
2 Bartle, Jane  15 Sep 1754Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22049 King/Roy 
3 Cadwell, Ann  ca. 1837Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21958 King/Roy 
4 Cadwell, Arthur S.  1890Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8341 King/Roy 
5 Cadwell, Bertie  Jan 1885Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8340 King/Roy 
6 Cadwell, Blanche Cock  1816Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21964 King/Roy 
7 Cadwell, Caroline  18 May 1824Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21975 King/Roy 
8 Cadwell, Caroline  ca. 1832Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21956 King/Roy 
9 Cadwell, Caroline  ca. Jun 1854Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8334 King/Roy 
10 Cadwell, Caroline  19Jan 1881Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I3026 King/Roy 
11 Cadwell, Caroline Jane  ca. Mar 1881Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8339 King/Roy 
12 Cadwell, Charles  5 Feb 1831Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21955 King/Roy 
13 Cadwell, Elenor  ca. 1853Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8333 King/Roy 
14 Cadwell, Eliza  11 Feb 1826Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21966 King/Roy 
15 Cadwell, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1812Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21971 King/Roy 
16 Cadwell, Elizabeth  4 Sep 1824Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21953 King/Roy 
17 Cadwell, Elizabeth Jane  ca. 1847Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8330 King/Roy 
18 Cadwell, Grace  ca. 1857Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8337 King/Roy 
19 Cadwell, Henry  27 Dec 1817Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21973 King/Roy 
20 Cadwell, Henry  5 Sep 1822Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8324 King/Roy 
21 Cadwell, Henry  ca. 1851Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8332 King/Roy 
22 Cadwell, Jane Cock  16 Feb 1828Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21954 King/Roy 
23 Cadwell, John  21 Mar 1746 or 47Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21977 King/Roy 
24 Cadwell, John Jr.  17 Jun 1820Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21965 King/Roy 
25 Cadwell, Mary  26 Nov 1816Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21951 King/Roy 
26 Cadwell, Mary  30 Jun 1821Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21974 King/Roy 
27 Cadwell, Sarah  5 Sep 1818Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21952 King/Roy 
28 Cadwell, Sarah A  ca. 1879Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8338 King/Roy 
29 Cadwell, Stephan  4 Apr 1856Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8335 King/Roy 
30 Cadwell, Stephen  20 May 1826Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21976 King/Roy 
31 Cadwell, Susan  ca. 1840Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21959 King/Roy 
32 Cadwell, Thomas Henry  ca. Jul 1861Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8336 King/Roy 
33 Cadwell, William  1775Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21969 King/Roy 
34 Cadwell, William  26 Mar 1814Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21972 King/Roy 
35 Cadwell, William  ca. 1835Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21957 King/Roy 
36 Hosking, Grace  1813Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22083 King/Roy 
37 Luke, John  15 Feb 1857Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22189 King/Roy 
38 Luke, Mary Jane  1858Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22210 King/Roy 
39 Martin, Olivia  1809Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22113 King/Roy 
40 Mills, Elizabeth Jane  25 Feb 1858Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I3025 King/Roy 
41 Mitchell, Mary  1779Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22098 King/Roy 
42 Pearce, Elizabeth  1709Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22132 King/Roy 
43 Richards, Ann  1jan 1829Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22192 King/Roy 
44 Rowe, Keziah  29 Apr 1744Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22122 King/Roy 
45 Rowe, Philip  10 Nov 1705Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22131 King/Roy 
46 Rowland, Ann  12 Jun 1788Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22101 King/Roy 
47 Rule, Charlotta  ca. 1846Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22087 King/Roy 
48 Rule, Edward  ca. 1842Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22090 King/Roy 
49 Rule, Eliza Jane  1850Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22089 King/Roy 
50 Rule, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1722Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22039 King/Roy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barkle, Ann  4 Oct 1842Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22027 King/Roy 
2 Bartle, James  6 Jan 1773Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22038 King/Roy 
3 Bartle, John  1754Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22040 King/Roy 
4 Cadwell, Caroline  19 Feb 1831Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21975 King/Roy 
5 Cadwell, Caroline  14 Feb 1897Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21956 King/Roy 
6 Cadwell, Henry  23 Apr 1882Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8324 King/Roy 
7 Cadwell, Stephen  17 Oct 1835Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I21976 King/Roy 
8 Cadwell, Thomas Henry  15 Feb 1923Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I8336 King/Roy 
9 Eustice, Richard  10 Apr 1851Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22026 King/Roy 
10 Eustice, William  1881Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22057 King/Roy 
11 Mitchell, Mary  28 Apr 1804Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22098 King/Roy 
12 Rowe, Keziah  21 Jan 1823Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22122 King/Roy 
13 Rowland, Ann  1859Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22101 King/Roy 
14 Rule, Elizabeth  1756Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22039 King/Roy 
15 Rule, James  1843Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22126 King/Roy 
16 Rule, Stephen  1780Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22133 King/Roy 
17 Rule, Stephen  1834Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22115 King/Roy 
18 Rule, Stephen  5 May 1841Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND I22097 King/Roy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cadwell / Mills  Mar 1878Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND F898 King/Roy 
2 Cadwell / Warren  24 Feb 1794Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND F12202 King/Roy 
3 Rule / Rowe  26 Dec 1770Camborne, Cornwall, ENGLAND F12253 King/Roy 

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