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Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts


Tree: King/Roy
Latitude: 42.6334247, Longitude: -71.3161718


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Charpentier, Lucille A.  10 May 1920Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I23055 King/Roy 
2 Chrisman, Florida  ca. 1886Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I12744 King/Roy 
3 Clermont, Doris M.  20 Apr 1932Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I17507 King/Roy 
4 Consalvi, Lillian E.  26 Jul 1936Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I20298 King/Roy 
5 Couture, Donald R.  5 Nov 1938Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8611 King/Roy 
6 Gamache, Arthur R.  6 Mar 1914Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I9489 King/Roy 
7 Gamache, Aurore  Jul 1891Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I12689 King/Roy 
8 Gamache, Cécile Bernadette  Nov 1899Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I12690 King/Roy 
9 Gamache, Denise Lorette  11 Aug 1968Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I17393 King/Roy 
10 Gamache, Ernest  16 Jun 1889Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8076 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Eva  12 Aug 1891Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8082 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Ferdinand  13 Jul 1890Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8081 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Germaine R.  30 Nov 1923Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73336006 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Henry Joseph  22 Nov 1888Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8074 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Joseph  18 Jan 1891Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I13191 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Joseph Leon  5 Apr 1903Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I12691 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Joseph William P.A.  17 Jul 1901Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8073 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Louis Joseph P.  26 Jan 1893Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8075 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Pearl Laurene  ca. 1921Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73337738 King/Roy 
20 Gauvin, Alice T.  1 May 1932Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8613 King/Roy 
21 Jacques, Louis E.  20 Jul 1918Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I20180 King/Roy 
22 LeBeau, Lorraine C  20 Jun 1926Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I19167 King/Roy 
23 Lescard, Marion L.  28 Nov 1928Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I24074 King/Roy 
24 Martin, Elmer Libby  30 Aug 1907Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73335706 King/Roy 
25 Peno, Joan Louise  8 May 1932Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I6412 King/Roy 
26 Proulx, Robert R.  1922Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I19758 King/Roy 
27 Racette, Alexander  2 May 1885Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342536 King/Roy 
28 Racette, Delphis  7 Jan 1899Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342523 King/Roy 
29 Racette, Henry  14 Feb 1883Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342535 King/Roy 
30 Racette, Joseph L.H.  13 Sep 1901Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342524 King/Roy 
31 Racette, Joseph Narcisse R.  12 Mar 1903Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342525 King/Roy 
32 Racette, Marie A.  28 Dec 1896Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342534 King/Roy 
33 Racette, O.M.I., Joseph Hervé  22 Nov 1881Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342529 King/Roy 
34 Renaud, Lillian I.  11 Nov 1930Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342544 King/Roy 
35 Shauley, Peter J.  ca. 1870Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I24506 King/Roy 
36 St. Hilaire, Arthur  ca. 1890Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8905 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Charity, Rose Anna  25 May 1982Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15357 King/Roy 
2 Clarke, Margaret L.  15 Apr 2004Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15362 King/Roy 
3 Clermont, Doris M.  19 Aug 2015Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I17507 King/Roy 
4 Deschenes, Alfred  ca.1953Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15355 King/Roy 
5 Deschenes, Lorette J.  6 Feb 1991Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15363 King/Roy 
6 Deschenes, Lucien Alcide  29 Nov 1974Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15361 King/Roy 
7 Deschenes, Marie Blanche Annette  ca. 1916Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15365 King/Roy 
8 Deschenes, Sylvio Alfred  16 Oct 1947Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15356 King/Roy 
9 Duncan, George Whitelaw  19 Aug 1987Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I15364 King/Roy 
10 Forget, George  28 May 1998Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts I3206 King/Roy 
11 Forget dit Latour, Exephire  19 Sep 1909Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8907 King/Roy 
12 Forget dit Latour, Henry Joseph  Sept 1968Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2387 King/Roy 
13 Forget dit Latour, Octave  19 Aug 1907Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I1115 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Arsene Aldemore  19 Jul 1948Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73336570 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Aurore  8 Sep 1907Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I12689 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Eugene Napoleon  9 Feb 1945Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73336540 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Fabien Hyppolite (Paul)  9 Jul 1905Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8064 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, John Yves  3 Nov 2017Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I17378 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Joseph  23 Mar, 1891Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I13191 King/Roy 
20 Gamache, Joseph  28 May 1892Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8063 King/Roy 
21 Gamache, Joseph Gaudias  26 Dec 1966Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73335997 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, Joseph Philias  11 Oct 1957Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I11525 King/Roy 
23 Gamache, Joseph William P.A.  17 Oct 1901Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8073 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, Louis Joseph P.  26 Jul 1893Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8075 King/Roy 
25 Gamache, Narcisse Francois Vital  21 Nov 1905Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I5413 King/Roy 
26 Gamache, Nicole M.  11 May 2017Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I9570 King/Roy 
27 Jacques, Louis E.  13 Mar 1991Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I20180 King/Roy 
28 Lefebvre dit Boulanger, Marie Justine Victoire  4 Dec 1905Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I8059 King/Roy 
29 Lescard, Marion L.  19 Mar 2018Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I24074 King/Roy 
30 Proulx, Robert R.  13 Jun 2017Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I19758 King/Roy 
31 Racette, Joseph L.H.  7 Dec 1901Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342524 King/Roy 
32 Racette, Joseph N.  22 Dec 1888Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342528 King/Roy 
33 Racette, Joseph Narcisse R.  22 Apr 1903Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73342525 King/Roy 
34 Racette, Jules  24 May 1898Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I3742 King/Roy 
35 St. Amant, Phillip Isaac  Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I17560 King/Roy 
36 Vaillancourt, Blanche Loretta  27 Dec 1985Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts I73336577 King/Roy 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Complois / Racette  13 Aug 1882Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F7271 King/Roy 
2 Deschenes / Demers  29 May 1904Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F9671 King/Roy 
3 Gamache / Begin  27 Apr 1908Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F6269 King/Roy 
4 Gamache / Fleurant  15 Jul 1877Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F3976 King/Roy 
5 Gamache / Frechette  22 Jan 1950Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6073 King/Roy 
6 Gamache / Noro  3 Aug 1903Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F4270 King/Roy 
7 Gamache / Peno  1 Jul 1950Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F2021 King/Roy 
8 Racette / Beaupré  15 Sep 1879Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F6562 King/Roy 
9 Racette / Grenon  31 May 1907Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F6561 King/Roy 
10 Rondeau / Racette  8 Apr 1883Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F7270 King/Roy 
11 Roy / Gamache  10 Apr 1880Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F6899 King/Roy 
12 Shauley / Gamache  21 Jun 1904Lowell, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts F13198 King/Roy 

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